On weekends you will often find a house full of laughter and eating. Lots of eating. My kitchen island is the center of it all. We roll out pies, we eat popcorn, I make chapatis, and they quickly disappear. Sometimes we watch movies. This weekend we watched Jerry Lewis in “Cinderfella” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I didn’t really watch either because I was planning school and cooking. Fortunately, a couple of young ladies did most of the dishes for me.


Brandon, Levi, and Waylan. Frequent guests and consumes of food, victims of my simple fare.

Brandon is off to Israel for 3 months. I am excited for his trip. He’s always wanted to go. He can play the mandolin and knit, but I don’t think he can do both at once. He did bring chocolate over that night, though!

Levi. He’s an artist, story teller, woodwooker, and lover of Jesus. He occasionally does my dishes and often brings me chocolate. He’s even convinced me to be in a better mood sometimes. “It’s all a choice!”

Now there’s Waylan. He has a very white hand, doesn’t he? He’s pointing to his Santa that he made out of chapati dough and flour. He plays the violin and writes poetry.