This is my sweet swing dancing friend, Danielle. She loves jumping puddles and eating my biscuits. She made watching “Singing in the Rain” even more fun than it would have originally been. She does that high pitched voice really well. You know the one? The dumb blond says, “What? Ya think I’m dumb or somethin’?” She loves dancing in snow and recording silly videos of me singing “Do a dear, a female dear…” Very embarrassing. She often asks me to go swing dancing, which I have gracefully denied due to my many insecurities about dancing in public…or even in private. She, like myself, loves calligraphy and writing with pens we can dip in ink. She received a pen, nibs, a few bottles of ink for Christmas. Her brother, Levi, not-so-gracefully spilled all over my island. That was fun night of fancy writing, drawing, silly poems, and people writing down everything I say.