Chance-Currently my favorite cat

Spring 2004- Chance was born to a sweet cat, Chasse. Chasse’s owners were taking a road trip and moving to Hawaii before Chance and his siblings had a chance to be weaned. So being the good friends that we are, we took them all in. We had 9 cats in our home. I think that’s bordering on insanity if we would have kept them all. Soon after these kittens were born Christopher chose Chance, but daddy said, “Two cats are enough.” I had to agree. After we had the kittens in our own home, though, it was quite a different story. He captured our hearts. Everytime somebody would come to our home to choose their kitty Kelly would say that the black one isn’t available. It wasn’t until they were all gone and it was down to Chance [yet to be named] and his mama. He nursed a few weeks longer than necessary! Finally, we decided to keep him and I said we should name him Snowball. Kelly said we should name him Snowball S. Chance, but call him Chance. So that’s what we did. When he was a kitten he’d let me hold him like a baby and we he would get too wild I’d hold him belly up and rock him. He’d fall asleep. Once we got the younger 3 kids he made himself scarce for a long time. Ireland would pull his tail and he really didn’t like her. Now he’ll snuggle her in bed or lie on her chest. The day I took this picture he snuggled in bed with me all day [I was sick]. He even let me use him as a pillow!