It occurred to me a moment ago that perhaps I should post their wedding pictures before I start posting pictures of their newborn baby born to them 44 weeks to the day after their wedding! This was the first wedding I did & by far the most difficult. I had a few fears and every single one of them came true. Thank goodness I had a second photographer! I missed the kiss. Couldn’t get the camera to focus from where I was. My battery died right when the cake cutting was happening. Someone handed me  a battery and it literally flew out of my hand and went under the cake table. Also, at that time I didn’t have an external hard drive and my laptop drive was too full to download the photos. My UV filter caused a weird reflection with the overhead florescent lights that I had to edit out. I shot every single picture with the ISO set to 1600. Why, you ask? Because I was taking pictures of my husband’s band in a dark tavern the night before and forgot to change it. Can we all say, “Ugh!” together?

It was still a lot of fun even though I was told I looked horribly worn out at the end of the day. That worked to my advantage, though. I walked into the Mandate School graduation and immediately was pampered. People brought me water, food, & someone started rubbing my head. My children were ushered off and fed. I couldn’t have planned it better myself!

It has been a joy to watch Tabby go from a giddy teenager to a joyful wife and mama!


Brotherly love


Brotherly Love…again

photo by: Bryanna Sarnowski

imgp2738btearydadFather of the bride


photo by: Bryanna Sarnowski


photo by: Bryanna Sarnowski