I had the privilege of being the second photographer at my good friends’ wedding. I know their photographer, Krista [whom I love], from the camera store and asked if I could just follow her around to see how she did things. Can I express to you how relaxing being the 2nd photog is!?! She is very good at the posed shots, making sure the hair & veil look just right, adjusting the dress, all those little details that I am not so good at noticing. I mentioned in the last post about weddings being like reunions, but I’m telling you that this one truly was a reunion. I saw friends from California that I hadn’t seen in awhile & one of my friends had just come home from South Africa. It was great. The whole thing was an adventure. I drove hours to get there, couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to camp with Krista’s family, finally caught up with her, set up their tent in the dark, and finally nestled into our side of tent. I should mention that cell phones don’t work out there! What did we do without them in the first place? Anyway, everything about this wedding was amazing. The food, the music, the friends, the love. imgp9750bimgp9756bimgp9761bimgp9766bimgp9778imgp9812imgp9869imgp9703imgp0031bimgp01231imgp0151