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Golden hour had hit. You know, right? The time right before the sun is setting and the land is bathed in golden sunlight. We all look beautiful in this light. The dullest yard looks amazing. My children even look happier.

Anyway, my eldest son, Christopher asked if he could take my camera out to take pictures. We put on the 75-300mm lens and he headed out with my beloved Pentax. He crossed 2 ditches, traversed a vast plain, tackled a mighty hill, & climbed up a tall tree. (All this with about $1000 hanging around his skinny little neck.) It took me awhile to feel a little panicked that he could’ve fallen and broken my camera. It’s all for the sake of art, isn’t it?

Look at that shot! Isn’t it amazing? It warms my heart that my kids love taking pictures as much as I do. It is not unusual to find my kids with some sort of camera in their hands. If you have a camera or a camera phone you may be subject of one of the little ones saying, “Can I take pictures on your camera?” Then disappearing for awhile to return with hundreds of blurry pictures. However, they also get in some pretty cool shots that I wouldn’t think of getting.

Christopher likes long walks on the beach. Has a steady job delivering pastries to the local coffee shop. He’s been dancing in ballet going on 8 years. He was an only child for 9 years. He’s been asking for the same things for his birthday for about 7 years: legos, Bionicles, art supplies. He prepares breakfast every morning. He is now taller than his mama-which would be me. He used to want to be the president of the U.S., an anthropologist, and a professional danceur. He doesn’t know it, but he also wants to make a way for his mama to spend a good part of his life travelling the world. He is only 12, so if you’re hoping for long walks on the beach with him you gotta sign up and await my approval.

[My son is hoping for lots of comments on this post. He is so excited. This truly is his crown jewel in the photography realm.]