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Oh, these 2 photo sessions have been such a treasure to me. I no longer have babies to take pictures of. I miss so many aspects of that, but I really do love sleeping at night! I first met Wyrvn when he was about 3 or 4 month old. He has a look of wisdom and wonder in his eyes. I really wish I knew what the lad was thinking, but perhaps it would be too deep for me to understand. He was so tolerant to my pushing and prodding and turning him over so we could get a picture of him on his tummy.

I love the interaction between him & his mama, Shanta. Babies are so in love with their moms, it is a precious miracle to watch. I am in awe with this every time I see it. Oh sigh, I miss having a baby.

Next up, stripping him down to get naked baby pictures. Nothing cuter than that. He kept wanting to roll over onto his back!

He finally had enough of these shenanigans! He was ready to eat again. He has to keep up his strength, you know! Crying pictures are so very cute, aren’t they? You can hardly take them serious.

Fast forward approximately three (or so) months!

Look at the look on his face! He was so good for me sitting out in the warm prickly field. He sat there exploring everything around him which mainly consisted of green grass and dry grass. Never a sad or irritable moment was found in this boy then entire time he was visiting. He even let my kids maul him…I mean hold him.

That is just a piece of straw in his mouth. Doesn’t he look so relaxed? I think it’s the heat…or mid-blink!

Aww, look at the love he has for his mama. I never thought I’d love slobbery baby kisses, but it’s so lovely to be kissed in such a way by your baby. I remember my heart filling with so much baby love I thought I might burst.

Thank you Shanta for letting me take part in your baby’s first year of life. It truly is a gift!