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I have fallen back in love with my camera. I didn’t know I wasn’t in love, but I think I had let the burdens of this world crowd out the thing that bring me life. Walking around with my camera brings me life. I slow down. I see more clearly and I can listen. I think my heart rate even slows down. Sometimes I feel like I’m too busy to go for a shoot & walk, but I need to remember that it’s my therapy and ever single person in my life will be better off if I go shoot something, with my camera, that is.

So I phoned a friend and headed down to the train tracks. Truth be told, I didn’t really want to be alone and I didn’t want to take a long time doing this and well, I spent a good part of my teen years reading those true-to-life mystery books about unsolved murders and part of me is just a little paranoid about becoming the victim in one of those books. I know, it’s completely unreasonable, but so was my teenage brain. I don’t have an excuse for my almost 36 year old brain.

At one point I thought it would be cool and adventurous of me to crawl up on the beams under the trestle and walk across one so that I could attempt to get a good shot of something that I knew I could see better if only I were up higher. Getting up on the beam was not a problem. My lovely assistant took some pictures of me getting up there, but they’re from the back and well, that’s just not my best feature.

I knew he was taking pictures. I should’ve looked up so that my double chin wasn’t so prominent, but if I did that I probably would have fallen. At first I kept laughing; laughing is not conducive to careful balancing. Then I started singing a Bob Marley tune: Give praise and thanks to the Lord and I will feel alright.

After making it safely to the ground with the help of my lovely assistant (LA from now on) I braved my way through freezing cold river water rushing through my legs. There was an island I had to get to. It was slippery, but I followed the leader (which would be a big black dog). I could spend a long time on that island alone. Not days, but I think it’s the perfect journal writing spot.

Splashing around in the water, gazing at at little periwinkles suction cupped to the the slippery rocks, and giggling at the silly banter was like medicine to my soul. A reminder to me that it’s not all about dishes and laundry and balancing money. I should remind myself to go walking instead of escaping the world by taking a t00-long nap or eating that ice cream.