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I know you can’t tell, but we were all very happy to be having fun in a field together. My squint is one of, “Umm, so how long is 12 seconds? Did it go off yet? Oh, there it went!” Christopher is the one that had to run up the hill after pressing the shutter button! I certainly wouldn’t have looked that happy after sprinting up that gigantic mountain. Ok. It was a hill, but I’m not even sure I would’ve made it up in 12 seconds, actually. Anyway, we were heading to Oregon City to visit some highschool friends of mine, but we were super duper early. So, I took some back roads and happened upon this little park where we picnicked on pb & jelly sandwiches, wheat things, and animal cookies. Then we went exploring before continuing our journey. I’ve never really tried doing a real photoshoot with my kids especially photos with me in it!

More to come.