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Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to pick out just a few pictures to give an overview of my weekend. I’ve had 9 hours of sleep since Monday night…um, make that Tuesday morning, actually. My heart is full. My head is swimming with so much information mixed with my hopes and dreams. I have been on the move since Friday, but it has been restful. Since Friday evening I have driven close to 800 miles. I never knew that I would actually like doing that!

Friday brought an amazing fundraising event hosted by Methven Family Vineyards for little Jonah who has been diagnosed with a very rare disease. His parents started a foundation, Jonah’s Just Begun to help raise awareness and money. His disease is so rare that there isn’t any research done on it. There are doctors who want to do it, just not the money. I am so excited to be part of this team. I am praying for healing, but I am also praying for money. It isn’t just about Jonah, it’s about all the parents who have lost children to this disease and the ones who will lose their children if something isn’t done. For every photoshoot I do I will be giving 20% of the proceeds to Jonah’s Just Begun. Spread the word and contact me.

Saturday morning I head east toward Sisters. I find my friends hanging out at Clear Lake Resort after not being able to find them at the agreed upon campground. That one was full and we didn’t have cell reception out there. So I prayed. Then I found them right away. The other 3 families had rented these little metal boats to go paddle around the lake. I didn’t have my family and I don’t have my own husband to paddle me around. I was walking along the pier taking pictures and contemplating my life Rob and Reid came up to me to ask if I’d like to go out on a boat. Reid rowed and Rob played the part of the mermaid on the front of the ship.

This lake is so clear that you can see the tops of trees that were once above water. And by the top of trees I mean huge 180 ft. trees. It was amazing. This is one time I wish I could swim well. I would have loved to get all suited up in scuba gear and take pictures under water with my currently non-existent waterproof camera!

Haha! Not really sure what to say about this picture, but that huge log sure did get talked about a lot that night. It was a great relief to be with this group of people. They have known me for all of my adult life. There’s just something special about that, don’t you think? The next morning Tracy, Cindy, and I went on a short hike. It was so beautiful. I could’ve stayed out there for hours. I just need my journal, Bible, and camera. Me. Sitting next to the rushing water drowning out all that vies for my attention.

That brings me to Monday’s WPPI Roadshow where I was inspired, challenged, and made to laugh. I was able to meet my favorite photographer and twin of one of my favorite bloggers, Jasmine Star. I spoke with her twice and she was so encouraging. Watch out Jasmine! We’re going to be great friends one day. (I just hope that in the next picture I don’t look so goofy and that my eyebrows are shaped better. Oh, and I bet she and I are the same height when she’s wearing her house slippers!)

Afterwards, my friend Jess took me to a little Italian restaurant run by Yugoslavians or something like. The food was marvelous, I’m sad I forgot my leftovers in Seattle. I could really use it right about now. Hey, Steph and Jess~next time I need to get some pictures of the two of you and pictures of all of us! Thank you so much for dinner!

Oh MY!!! This was a blast. I’m sitting on the floor watching Jess fold up her new camping privy. She’s reading the directions over and over again absolutely certain that she can do it. We’re both laughing. Suddenly I decide that we are gonna get thing folded into the little circle it’s supposed to fold into and get it into it’s little carrying bag. I won’t leave Seattle until the mission is complete. Over and over we try. We take turns reading directions when suddenly I yell, “OH OH OH, I GET IT! MOVE OVER!” I did get it, I just couldn’t do it. Finally, it took the two of us to do it. The picture made it look like it was easy for one person to do. I’m sure it is…if you have at least 3 hands, preferably 4.

My final stop before rolling back into McMinnville was in downtown Portland. Yummy donut, slightly scary yet intriguing donut shop. Loved my donut. I’d eat it again, if I could. While here I had a sneaking suspicion that the big cities are starting to grow on me. I only circled the area twice before parking and I only took 1 or 2 wrong turns before ending up on the correct side of the river. Actually, I think I’ll be starting to spend more time in the cities, but I can’t imagine leaving this little town of Sheridan where I can see this all the time!