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I can see the most beautiful of sights. Sometimes I forget that I live in such a beautiful place. I forget that there is more to my life than computer screens, character training of my children (and my dog), and meals to be cooked for those who fill my home.

At times I forget how photography fills my heart with passion and brings peace on the hardest of days. Looking through my lens helps me to slow down and notice the details; other times it spurs me to stop looking at all the small things and to take it all in. The trees, the clouds, the stars, the yiping of the distant coyotes flowing over the field on the wings of the breeze.

I keep telling people that my life is full. I’m going to start telling them that it’s also moving fast. My photography business is moving steadily forward. I have this crazy dream to support my family, pay off debt, and to give like crazy to those in need. Currently I’m not able to do any of that. However, I’m taking my business to the next level. This means new ideas, new products, and new clients. That’s where you, my current clients, can help me out! I feel so honored to be part of your weddings and being able to watch your family growing up. When you recommend me to a friend and they hold a session with me you’ll receive a free 8×10 of any print you choose!

I am teaming up with my sweet friend and fellow photographer Joellen Armstrong of JoliPhoto to work on some new projects, including, but not limited to: Harvest mini-shoots at a local pumpkin patch and a senior portrait party. We are both so excited to be working together, we have so many great ideas to bring to you! Christmas is coming! I’m looking forward to helping you get your perfect family portrait for your Christmas cards!

Here’s to the future. I don’t like where I’m at, but I love where I’m heading.