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This is my friend Addie. She is a hoot. Yep, I said it, a hoot. That’s really the only way to explain her. She’s loud and laughs easily. She’s the baby of the family and the ONLY girl. Yeah, must be tough, eh? Ha! Her brothers like to blow things up, she likes to ride horses. I think she probably likes to blow things up, too. Love you, Addie!

It’s weird to me that my friend, Ricci, is old enough to have a daughter about to graduate. You know what that means, right? That means that I’m also old enough to have a graduate since Ricci and I graduated together. I don’t usually feel like I’m that much older than 18, but the calendar says otherwise. Tanika was fun to walk around town with. I am loud, she is quiet. I can be quite bossy and she was up for anything I asked her to do. You’re great, Tanika!