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A tired and worn out mama sitting on the front steps of her house trying to ignore the din coming from inside. They sky is the perfect color blue. It’s better, brighter, and smoother than the crayola sky blue crayon. She wishes trees down the street were tall enough to look as though they were painted on the blue canvas sky, but instead their backdrop is the dark green of the mountain trees. She thinks about her photo of the day. She loves leaves, but she did leaves yesterday and probably shouldn’t do leaves every day, right? Then again, it is her project; she can do what she wants.
The front door opens, out comes her youngest child. The mama sighs hoping for just one more moment alone, then she decides to invite the child to enjoy the moment with her. The child sits down for half a second then excitedly says, “Cover your eyes, quick mama.” So the mama does as she’s told. When she opens her eyes there stands the child offering up a small orange poppy flower.