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Technically, this is only one picture of one member of the band. They haven’t nailed down a band name yet, but I’ve been calling them “da band” for months now. That’s what they’ll always be in my mind.

I had the privilege of sitting in on a few minutes of their band practice this evening. It’s like being in a club. Well, they’re in the club. I’m just the who is spying through a knothole into their clubhouse.

Later this month we’re heading up to downtown Portland for a band photoshoot. I’m excited. I’m mostly excited because they are REALLY fun together. I feel like I should be paying them just to hang out and watch them interact. When I was younger and hanging out with cool bands I found it extremely awesome to say, ‘I’m with the band” and even more awesome when a band member would escort me in saying, “she’s with us”. That’s how I feel with these guys.

The camera loved one of the members this evening. Every shot of him came out great.