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Kaleb and Gab graciously took me out to dinner before we began our shoot in the great city of Portland. I wish I would’ve had a picture of the Greek food we ate. It was good and the service was great. We went to a little place on Burnside in Portland called Alexis. I’ve never went to a restaurant for Greek food, I usually just get a lamb gyro at the Saturday Market. I felt a little silly at first, though. You see, I didn’t pull on the door to open it, I pushed..and pushed…and pushed again. I thought maybe this was a secret restaurant where you had to give them some sort of password or prove to them that you were worthy of eating there. I was beginning to worry, actually, that maybe they wouldn’t let me in. Then, I spy it. A little black button. Ah, that must be it. Maybe I need to push that button to be let in. So I push it. Twice. Then wait. A short man, roughly the same height as myself, opened the door toward me and said, “Why did you ring the bell?” To which I probably replied something totally incoherent since I was so shocked that it never even slightly occurred to me to actually pull on the door handle!

After dinner we walked around downtown Portland for a bit. There are so many great buildings! I love it. I feel like every brick and every doorway has a story to tell. I loved watching the people. I think I could go and spend time just watching all the different people and eavesdropping on their conversations.

Here’s one of my favorites from the night.

Thanks Kaleb and Gab for letting me be part of your journey. I am looking forward to the wedding this summer!