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ginger_1The air is crisp, dry, and very cold. I’m not equipped for such weather. I can’t even find a matching pair of gloves; I can’t remember to wear my scarf even when I set it out.

It doesn’t snow much around here. Today we had about 3 inches when I received a call that school was letting out early. I’m not sure how much we have so far. Not much, but enough that there have been wrecks and I won’t be driving far.

I went outside to play in the snow with my dog, Ginger. She likes to eat the snow so she’ll run around me in circles while dipping her jaw into the snow and throwing snow up for her to catch in her mouth. I don’t know how she does that. I decided to throw snow at her for her to play with, but that didn’t last long. My hand was so frozen that I couldn’t keep taking pictures. It was numb.

I love my dog. I never thought I’d actually love a dog so much and even now I kind of roll my eyes at people who treat their animal like they’re human or refer to themselves as “mommy” in relation to the critter. However, I LOVE my dog. She completely defers to me when the kids are around or we’re going on a walk. They can tell her to do something and if I’m there she’ll look at me first. I’ll nod or tell her to go and then she’ll listen to them.

When we went out to play today she wanted to play with just me. A neighbor kid called after her today and she didn’t want to go to him. I can tell her to run and she’ll run up the street until I tell her to come back.

Well, that’s how it worked today, anyway.

I love her, but she’s exasperating, too! She’s run off for awhile twice this week. I decided that she’s probably bored.