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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty easily distracted. I’m usually distracted by good things, even necessary things. Somehow that can cause me to not get something done that really needed to get done today. So, to remedy that, I’ll stay up WAY too late to finish it. I begin to feel stressed. Then, if I’m staying up late I usually want to eat something, but then that hinders my goal toward being more fit and healthy. I sabotage my own success. Isn’t that crazy?!?

I know I’m not alone in that.

Something that has really helped me stay on track is keeping a to do list. Now, on my own I tend to make really unrealistic and long to do lists. (Oh my, I just looked back at the picture of Christopher in that post. He know has whiskers and his jaw is more defined. Be still my heart.)

See, I just got distracted there. Time slips by so quickly.

So, instead of having a ginormous to do list, I need to use more of a focused list. On The Art of Simple I found a great form called ‘daily docket’. This is the original form, I just saw that there’s a 2.0 available now. I’ll download that and use it next time around. I just printed 10 double-sided forms to put inot my brain binder (a.k.a. – household management binder).

Here’s what mine looked like earlier this morning.

plan_wmHere’s what I love about it. You only have a limited amount of lines to list for your to-do’s. Then out of those 3 you choose up to 3 Most Important Tasks, those are the ones you focus on first. (Or, you just know what 3 are the MIT’s so you put them there and don’t bother putting them in the other area.) When I make a list like this I’m 90% more likely to get everything done. Yesterday I didn’t make a list, but I had one goal and it was kind of a big job. I got it done, even though it took me pretty much all day.

Now, lest you think that I am uber organized I’ll leave you with a picture of my desk. Quite honestly, I’d like to be really organized, but I’m not. I am on that journey, though.

What is organized, anyway? I am a piler, I do know where things are on my desk….today.


How many items can you find in this picture?!? Haha!